3 D Technology

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by Dr Keyurkumar M Nayak(Author)

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Dr Keyurkumar M Nayak

Laxmi Institute of Management, Sarigam

ABSTRACT 3-D password is the simply the combination and the sequence of user interactions that occur in the 3-D virtual environment. It is easy to use and hard to break. They are provides unlimited passwords possibility. The 3-D password is multi-password and multi-factor authentication system. It uses a various authentication techniques like Graphical password, Textual password, 3-D password, 3-D virtual environment, etc .The password are based on the fact of human memory. The most important part of 3-D password scheme is contain of 3-D virtual environment .The user guide through this environment and interacts with the objects .The 3-D password can combine identifying , to call somebody back and a sign into one authentication scheme.