A Handbook On Export Import Trade And Documentation In India

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by Dr. Mridula K Venugopalan (Author)

ISBN Number :  978- 1-63040- 626-4

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Dr. Mridula K Venugopalan

Professor CMS Institute of Management Studies, Coimbatore

Exports and imports are both part of international trade between nations. All of us enjoy the fruits of global trade. The very fact that we are able to buy French perfumes, Australian beer, Swiss watches and confectionery, European gadgets, Chinese toys and lots more made in other countries, bears testimony to the growth of international trade. Export means selling the home country′s goods/services in a foreign country. Export marketing consists of choosing a country /countries and sourcing willing buyers, planning and executing their orders made at home and completing all the requisite formalities. If goods made in India are sold in France, then those goods are exported to France.