Aspects Of Assessment Of Personnel Performance In The Organization

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by Temenuzhka Halacheva(Author)

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Temenuzhka Halacheva

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The evaluation of job performance of personnel in the organization is an important element of the human resources management. The improvement of personnel management is characterized by the implementation of new and effective methods and procedures for assessment and attestation of the employees in the organizations. In the conditions of development of technologies and the information resources, the organizations compete by means of a motivated and highly qualified personnel, and the employees compete in the organization and the labour market through their achievements at work, respect and self–esteem, reflected in an adequate and fair assessment of their work and the results of it. This monograph is dedicated to the place and role of the evaluation process of job performance of staff and the impact of the adequate and accurate assessment on productive and effective operation of the organization and the motivation of the staff in it. The monograph includes 3 chapters. In Chapter I are characterized and analyzed the theoretical aspects of the evaluation of job performance in terms of the nature and objectives of the evaluation process. These are the criteria and the indicators to assess the types of assessments, and the functions this process performs within the organization. Some problems in the evaluation of job performance are identified and the guidelines to solve them Chapter II is dedicated to the methodology for evaluating the job performance of the staff. Classifications of assessment methods are presented. The traditional and modern methods of assessment, the highlights the advantages and disadvantages of each of them are considered and recommendations for their improvement are offered. An important role in the evaluation of job performance has the application of modern ITtechnology. The use of computer technologies not only in collecting, storing, processing and analyzing information, but also in making management decisions on the assessment of staff in the organizations by modeling, determine their broader application. In Chapter III a model is proposed for the assessment of significant economic indicators contributing to the competitiveness of the organization and for motivating the employees through management decisions taken as a result of evaluation of job performance by statistical software SPSS. The model was approbated in the organization. The results received were examined and the appropriate conclusions were made. In the period of unstable economy, evaluation of job performance is becoming more important as a significant element of the system for managing human resources. In periods of crisis and minimizing of costs including those for personnel, managers reduce wages and benefits, make layoffs.