Band Structure Effects On Propagation Characteristics Of Nonlinear Waves In Semiconductor Plasmas

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by Dr. Kirti Sontakke

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Dr. Kirti Sontakke
“Shrinath” , 59 Sethi Nagar M.P. Ujjain (456010)

The physical phenomena broadly classified as optics were substantially formulated
before 1900. Since then optics, like the rest of the physics, has undergone through
revolutionary change due to the discovery of the quantum nature of radiation. Basically,
optics describes the generation, composition, transmission and interaction of light, and
endeavours to relate these to other physical phenomena. In more precise way, the subject
matter of optics concern with the interaction of electromagnetic waves with matter. This
physical mechanism does not only occur in that part of frequency spectrum in which they
are actually produced but, also in adjacent regions of spectrum, within which they have
similar properties and can be studied with similar techniques. One intriguing aspect of
physics is its dynamic and rapidly evolving nature; exciting new fields can become
moribund within a few years, only to revive and grow again in a dramatic and explosive
manner response to new developments. This has been the case for the field of optics too.
Before the advent of laser, the field appeared mature, fully developed and perhaps even a
bit dull as a consequence.

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