Banks, Non-Banking Financial Companies, Cibil And Personal Loan Concepts And Techniques

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by Dr. M. Somasundaram, ISBN Number : 9788193787014

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Dr. M. Somasundaram

Dr.M.Somasundaram is working in Bajaj Finance Limited, a leading Non-Banking Financial
Company in India as a Regional Manager-Operation. He has 23 years rich experience in Non-
Banking Financial Industry in all the department of Sales, Collection, Risk, Credit and
Operation. He has been awarded Ph.D., degree in commerce by Bharathiar University,
Coimbatore, Tamilnadu for his thesis “A Study on Customers’ Attitude Towards Personal
Loan Borrowers of Selected Non-Banking Financial Companies in Coimbatore District”
He has published more research papers and articles in reputed journals for the benefit of
researchers and students. He has attended various Seminars, Conference and Workshop and
presented the papers in these forums. He is the member of Indian Institute of Banking &
Finance and Indian Commerce Association. He knows language of Tamil, English, Hindi and
He holds Post Graduate degrees in Commerce, Marketing Management, Bank Management,
Journalism and Mass Communication, Psychology, Business Administration and Hindi.
Recently he has completed Certificate course in Malayalam with distinction from State
Resource Centre, Kerala under Ministry of Human Resource Development, India.
His ambition is to provide the important output to the students and researchers for building the
strong basement in education and research filed for our country by this type of small

Banking Industry has always tried to reap maximum benefits out of new technological
options available at its disposal. The banking system is an integral part of economy. It is
one of the institutions that impinges on economy and affects its performance. Economists
have expressed a variety of opinions on the effectiveness of the banking systems in
promoting or facilitating economic development. As an economic institution, the bank is
expected to be more direct and more positively related to the performance of economy
than the most non-economic institutions. The nucleus center of economies and finance of
a nation, and the parameter of its economic perspective. They are not merely the dealers
of money but the in-fact dealers of development.

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