Basic Calculations In Biotechnology

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by Ameer Khusro(Author)

ISBN Number :  978- 1-63040-707-0

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Ameer Khusro

Research Scholar Department of Plant Biology and Biotechnology, Loyola College, Nungambakkam, Chennai-600034, Tamil Nadu, INDIA

Biotechnology is a vast field that includes both practical as well as quantitative science. Basic Calculations in Biotechnology is written to introduce basic mathematical aspects in selective areas of biotechnology to undergraduate, postgraduate students and research scholars that should be discussed in any introductory course. Many students do not have a good background in calculation part of biotechnology that interrupt in their research activities. In view of this, the calculation oriented textbook is especially written for those students whose research articles lack valid data due to weak knowledge in calculation. The language is simple, explanations are clear and numerical problems are solved in a step– by– step manner. Basic concepts that usually confuse the students are explained in an easy and very simple manner. The problems discussed in this book are elementary that will make the students confident to read and understand other calculation books available in the market. In order for this book to be as useful as possible to the students, almost every problem is discussed in a very simple way and hints for the specific questions are provided wherever necessary. This book is meant to be the first preference of the students in the selective chapters included. The book provides base for quantitative science that may help students to encounter major numerical problems of Biotechnology