Basics Of Guidance And Counseling

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by Pratisha Padmasri Deka(Author)

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Pratisha Padmasri Deka

The author, Pratisha Padmasri Deka is Masters Degree holder in Education and Life-Member of Centre for Environment, Education and Economic Development (CEEED) (an organization under NGO partnership system, Planning Commission, Govt. of India). She has quali_ied UGC NET. She has presented a wide range of research papers in various national and international seminars of which includes papers entitled �Role and Issues of Women in Present Day Scenario with Special Emphasis on Their Problems in Kamrup District of Assam� presented in ICSSR sponsored International Seminar on �Women Empowerment: Issues and Challenges� and �Role of Education in Eliminating the Caste Hierarchy� presented in National Seminar on �Impact of Positive Discrimination in Assam with Special Reference to Schedule Caste Groups� etc. Her article, �Barriers to Access and Success: Inclusive Education for Children with Disabilities� is published in book with ISBN entitled �Issues and Challenges in Inclusive Education�. She has published her research articles in different internationally recognized research journals with ISSN like �A Study on Impact of Social Media on Educational Efforts in Guwahati City, Assam� published in International Journal of Advanced Research in Education & Technology[IJARET], Homework During Holidays : A Study published in IRJIMS and many more.

Education is another name for development in broader sense. It is the foundation for the development of any society in all spheres of life. But with increasing complexity in social as well as personal life duties of formal education is increasing rapidly. In such a situation Guidance and Counselling services plays as a supportive system to reach the goal of optimum growth and development. Guidance is not only needed by student community, it is needed by all in one or other ways. In this book an attempt has been made to discuss basic ideas, processes, role and processes of guidance and counselling in simple language aiming at disseminating these ideas among students, teachers and interested readers. The author would like to convey sincere gratitude to all the scholars and dignitaries whose literature and works has been consulted and contributed towards successful completion of the book. Any comments, criticism and suggestions from readers for further improvement are highly expected.