Bedtime Bible Stories

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by Emmanuel Baffour-Awuah(Author)

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Emmanuel Baffour-Awuah

Emmanuel Baffour-Awuah is a Senior Lecturer and a Professional Engineer at Cape Coast Polytechnic in Cape Coast, Ghana. He was born at Tarkwa, Western region and hails from Akrokerri in the Ashanti region of Ghana. He attended Catholic Basic Schools at Tarkwa, Kumasi and Akrokerri. He had his secondary education at Obuasi Secondary Technical School at Obuasi. He continued his education at the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and later at the University of Cape Coast. He holds degrees in Agricultural Engineering, Education, Mechanical Engineering and Environmental Management and Policy. His religious carrier commenced during his middle school days as a dawn preacher. He was a morning preacher during his 6th -Form days at Obuasi Secondary Technical School. He was also a crusade preacher of the United Pentecostal Church at Akrokerri. Presently he is a staunch member, worshiper and occasional nightpreacher of Christian Divine Church, founded by Prophet Apostle John Taylor of blessed memory, Kakumdo Branch, in Cape Coast, Ghana. Though this is his first religious book, he has many academic papers to his credit, includeing those on HIV/AIDS.

Reproduction is the beginning of parental responsibility towards their children likewise stewardship of younger ones. Children need mental, emotional, moral and spiritual attention from their parents and guardians. These aside children need love. But the great legacies that can be bequeathed to children from loved parents are faith, integrity, poise discipline, endurance and courage. These virtues must not be misguided, counterfeited but restored, sustained and maintained. These principles are found in the Bible in its purest form. By learning the Bible children learn to know that what they are told are not form humans but form their creator, the Heavenly Father. This makes counseling to children unparalleled and unequalled. Through the Bible parents also learn to impress upon the minds of children and wards the right virtues. They eventually grow with them, making it principally impossible to deviate from them.