Bioremediation Of Heavy Metals From The Wastewater By The Biomass Of Microorganisms

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by Dr. Neha Singh

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Dr. Neha Singh
Dr. Neha Singh did M.Sc. in Biotechnology and received her Ph.D. degree from GGSIP University,
New Delhi. She has published a number of research papers in some leading journals such as Critical
Reviews in Biotechnology, Pollution Research, Hydrology: Current Research, J. Environ. Chem.
Ecotoxicology, Journal of Chemical and Pharmaceutical Research, World Journal of Pharmaceutical
Sciences, Phytotherapy Research in the areas of Environmental Biotechnology and Pharmaceutical
science. At present, she is working as Pharmocopoeial Associate in Indian Pharmocopoeia
Commission. She has developed the skills on bacterial culture, determination of metals by AAS,
interpretation of FTIR and NMR spectra and has been working on analytical instruments; HPLC,
HPTLC, GC etc .

Water is known as driver of life. 97% of all the water on the earth is salty. Although it
carries many rock particles in suspension, it is chemically very pure. Water without
considerable quantities of salt in it is a rare commodity but essential for all living
organisms. Another 2% is ice locked up in the polar region and of the remaining 1%, a
good deal is trapped in underground reservoirs. What remains – man’s main source of
water supply for all his needs is the surface water of lakes, streams and river which is
heavily polluted. Only small quantity of water i.e. 0.006% is available for our use.
This most valuable natural resource is continuously bearing load of biological species,
heavy metals, organic compounds, radionuclides etc by various natural and
anthropogenic activities.
Most alarming pollution of water is by heavy metals which are known biodegradable and
persist for long time in living systems. Therefore, the removal of heavy metals from the
polluted water is very important for human health.

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