Case Studies In Cerebrovascular Diseases

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by Dr.E.PrasannaVenkatesan(Author),Dr.K.Ramadoss(Author),Dr.R.Balakrishnan(Author),Dr.G.Gnanshanmugham(Author),Dr. M.B.Pranesh(Author)

ISBN Number : 9781630422370

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He graduated from Government Coimbatore medical college in 2007. Completed MD (general medicine) from Kasturba Medical college, Mangalore in 2011. Further did DM (Neurology) from PSG IMSR, Coimbatore in 2014. Was awarded Special certificate in neurology by Royal college of physicians in London. He has 25 peer reviewed publications in national and international journal. He also has presented 20 papers in international and national neurology conferences. He won the prestigious international scholarship award from American academy of neurology in Philadelphia. His main areas of interest include clinical neurology, neuromuscular diseases and stroke. He is pursuing further studies in University of Calgary as a clinical and research stroke fellow.

Dr. K.Ramadoss

MD DM Professor & HOD of Neurology ,PSG IMSR

Dr. R.Balakrishnan

MD DM Professor of Neurology, PSG IMSR

Dr. G.Gnanshanmugham

MD DM Associate Professor of Neurology, PSG IMSR

Dr. M.B.Pranesh

MD DM FRCP Professor of Neurology, PSG IMSR

We report a 55 year old female who presented to us with history of sudden onset of vertigo, vomiting and ataxia for 2 days duration. Patient is a known hypertensive on regular treatment for last 7 years. She was also a recently detected to have diabetes. There was no past history of myocardial infarction or TIA or stroke. Patient is on amlodipine, ramipril and metformin regularly. Patient was admitted and on examination had bilateral gaze evoked nystagmus. She had bilateral finger nose incoordination and gait ataxia. There was no long tract signs to suggest involvement of brainstem. Her peripheral pulses were felt and were in regular rhythm. Clinically cardiovascular system was normal.