Case Studies On Environment Problems: Out Of Box Solutions: Expands New Horizon

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by Dr. Swapan Ray Chaudhury(Author)

ISBN Number: 9781630401498

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Swapan Ray Chaudhury

Swapan Ray Chaudhury has served with Tata Consulting Engineers for more than 25 years in the areas of power plant, construction and infrastructure projects. He did B.E. (Civil) from Calcutta University and M.Tech. (Structures) from IIT, Delhi. He has authored and co-authored research papers. His present areas of interest pertains to Environmental Engineering.

The cities are plagued with pollution. The contributing factors are garbage menace, chimney smokes, green house gas, deforestation, drying of lakes, population explosion etc. Protecting the environment is the biggest challenge and growing concern for the Indian metros. Today, it has become a national problem. The issue requires immediate attention. Hence, the author makes an attempt to address some of these issues related to the environment through this book. A comprehensive study on the conservation of natural resources is carried out to