Challenges In Biological Nitrogen Fixation In Rice

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by Dr. Mihirlal Roy(Author)

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Dr. Mihirlal Roy

Principal Scientific Officer & Member-Deputy Secretary Tripura State Council for Science & Technology Vigyan Bhawan, A. R. Complex, Agartala, Tripura, Pin: 799006

It is through nutrition (aerial and via roots), the plants build their structural components, and if it is properly balanced, they rapidly gain in weight. The chemical substances, which provide such nourishments, are called nutrients. Among plant nutrients, certain elements such as carbon, hydrogen and oxygen are obtained by plants from air or water are called non–mineral elements. The inorganic elements which are obtained from the soil are called mineral elements. However, nitrogen is unique in the sense that it is obtained from both mineral and non mineral resources. Among plant nutrients, an essential mineral is de