Chemistry For 9Th Class

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by Aijaz Ahmad Paray

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Aijaz Ahmad Paray

Aijaz Ahmad Paray completed his post graduation from University of
Kasmir (Jammu and Kashmir) in 2003. The author joined the education
department as a teacher and has been teaching since 2007. The author
qualified NET-LS in June 2009 and completed M. Phil in 2015. The author
has many international and national conferences in his credit.

We are surrounding by number of living and non living objects, some are small and some
are big. Water, toothpaste, clothes, books, pencils, cell phones, humans, animals, plants
etc. are some of the objects which we come across during our day today life. All these
things have mass and occupy space. In chemistry, all such things are called matter.
Therefore, anything which has mass and occupies space is called matter. Chalk, pencil,
oil, air, oxygen etc. are other examples of matter.

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