Company Law And Secretarial Practice

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by Dr. Shaheeda Banu. S(Author),Irshad Ali. M(Author)

ISBN Number : 978 – 1-73034 – 716 – 0

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Dr. Shaheeda Banu. S

Ph.D, M.Phil, M.Com, MBA Professor & Head, Department of Management Studies Rao Bahadur Y Mahabaleswarappa Engineering College

Irshad Ali. M

MBA, M.Com Associate.Prof, SGT Degree College, Ballari

The word “Secretary” is derived from the Latin word “Secretarius” meaning Confidential Officer. A secretary is defined by the Oxford Dictionary as “one whose office is to write for another, especially one who is employed to conduct correspondence, to keep records and to transact various other businesses for another person or for a society, corporation or public body”. The Companies Act 1956, as amended by the Amendment Act of 1988, defines a secretary as “any individual possessing the prescribed qualifications appointed to perform the duties which may be performed by a Secretary under the Act and any other ministerial and administrative duties”.