Complexities Of Hiv & Aids

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by Dr. Rosemary Chimbala-Kalenga,Dr. Nceba Nyembezi, ISBN Number : 978-1-73024-934-1

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Dr. Rosemary Chimbala-Kalenga

Dr Rosemary Chimbala-Kalenga is democratic, pacer setter and
visionary leader. She leads HIV & AIDS research at regional,
provincial and national levels. She is well published in both national
and international accredited journals. Her passion for research is in
HIV & AIDS, education, indigenous knowledge systems,
leadership and inclusive education management. She presents
cutting-edge research on both national and international audiences.
She currently holds the position of director for HIV & AIDS
Research at the Nelson Mandela university.

Dr. Nceba Nyembezi

Dr. Nceba Nyembezi is a senior researcher in the HIV and AIDS
Research Unit at Nelson Mandela University. He conducts research
and presents his work throughout the world and is also widely
published in accredited journals. His areas of interest are HIV and
AIDS, and Applied Sociology. He has developed international
networks and his own research agenda while supervising
postgraduate students and mentoring junior staff members. He plans
and delivers papers at seminars/conferences as part of knowledge
sharing agenda and conducts workshops for research assistants at
the HIV and AIDS Research Unit. He leads new interventions to build capacity in or support
lecturers to integrate HIV and AIDS in all learning contexts.

This book was born out of the journey with different diverse groups of society
and new developments in the field of HIV and AIDS. Grandparents who live with
grandchildren after the death of theirs parents from HIV and AIDS. Adolescents who are
born HIV positive because of HIV and AIDS denialism and policies that seem to reinforce
stigma and discrimination and have negative consequences for unborn child.
The tourism industry is one industry that is expected to have a comprehensive
workplace wellness programme because it is common knowledge that people travel for
touristic purpose everywhere to places where they can find the sea; sun; sand and sex.
Knowing that this is the case, surely, the industry must think seriously about protecting
the staff and as well as their clients.
Our project with the commercial sex workers was born out of the discussions,
and naivety (Purely living in bubble). We were thinking that because HIV and AIDS has
been an epidemic for human kind to contend with for years, since the early days of its
discovery in 1981, there is no way any one will think of engaging in commercial sex
work. Our research proved us wrong! The fact that HIV and AIDS epidemic has changed
the course of history by leading to mortality, morbidity and result in divergence of
capabilities of the physically well into the care of the sick and dying, threw us into the
debate that: “one will never dare to sell their bodies for money”. That is not the case; the
oldest trade is thriving well into the 21st century. HIV and AIDS still plagues humanity
with varied consequences and ramifications. Therefore, we thought of the regulation and
Rights of commercial sex workers as a way in which the pandemic could be controlled as
well as making them contribute to the Revenue if they paid income tax.

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