Concise Book of Physical Chemistry

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by  Dr. Mahesh Chandra : ISBN Number : 978 – 1- 73038 – 191 – 1

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Dr.Mahesh Chandra
Dr.Mahesh Chandra is Assistant Professor in chemistry,
Deshbandhu college university of Delhi. He did his M.SC. in
Chemistry from jai NarainVyas university, jodhpur (Raj.) in 2003
and Ph.D from jai NarainVyas university, jodhpur (Raj.) under the
guidance of (PROF.) Dr.R.S.Sindal in 2006. He has been teaching
since 2005.His areas of interested include Thermodynamics,
Surface Chemistry and Polymer chemistry.
Dr. Mahesh Chandra has published 21 research papers, many
articles and attends and presents many research papers in
international and national conference and seminars. He is also member of many chemical
society and organization.
This book has been written for physical Chemistry part of Basic Science as such is on a footing
and there has been no change in it in last three decades, However the available books on
physical Chemistry are not in tune with the redefined emphasis in the new course content and
hence this textbook has been written . Each chapter has been developed almost independent of
other. Drawing the crystal structure and physical concepts have been emphasized and
presentation is exceptionally lucid to read and understand, so much so that difficult topics like
solid state will appear easy. Almost every concept is followed by solved numerical. At the end
chapter very good numerical problems with answers are given.

Photophysical processes are those processes which take place in the presence of light but
do not involve any chemical reaction. These processes arise on account of the absorption
of light by the abstances followed by emission of absorbed light. If the absorbed light is
emitted instantaneously the process is called fluorescence. If the absorbed light is emitted
after some time lag, the process is called phosphorescence. Further if the energy of the
light absorbed is sufficiently high, the electrons may not only jump to the outer levels but
may leave the atoms completely the process is called photoelectric effect. Thus photo
physical processes include phenomena like fluorescence, phosphorescence and
photoelectric effect.
Photochemical reactions are those reactions which take place due to the absorption of
light by interacting substances. These reactions are generally brought about the
absorption of light radiation of by the reacting substances. These reactions are generally
brought about the absorption of light radiation of the visible and ultraviolet region which
lie between 8000 – 2000 A (800 – 200nm). In these cases, the light energy absorbed is
stored within the substance and then used for bringing about the reaction. Two well
known examples of photochemical reactions are:

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