Cradle Song A Compendium Of Indian Science Fiction Stories

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ISBN Number : 978 – 1- 73036 – 260 – 6

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PhD from Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) in Linguistics, Dr. Barnali Chetia is an Assistant Professor at IIIT Vadodara

Running. One foot in front of the other. She could hear the blood rushing through her veins, her heart beating fast and strong. The sweat flowing down from her temples down her cheeks. Though she had been running for a while now, her breath was steady. Years spent in the ′Cellar′, training and pushing her body to limits, had seasoned her giving her the poise of a feline predator. Small, lithe and effective. As the scenery changed to the shadier parts of the town she dared a glance behind, at the one pursuing her. Shivering slightly at what she saw, her gut told her that attacking it wasn′t going to be of any use. Instead finding her safe spot was the only rational choice. She had to get there soon. It was only the matter of a little more time, before the fatigue she felt would bring her to a stop. Realising this she pushed her body harder to lose her tail. Her plan to reach safety had to succeed. There was no other way if she wished to survive. To her right, the orange disc in the sky made its way slowly past the horizon signalling that she couldn′t stall anymore. It soon grew dark. And she had made it to the right place; just in time. Right in the streets that she had painstakingly memorized in the past 10 months and knew like the back of her palm.