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by Dr. Kalpana Mukunda Iyengar(Author)

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Dr. Kalpana Mukunda Iyengar

Dr. Kalpana Mukunda Iyengar

The monsoon rain was pouring incessantly. The streets were flooded with rainwater constantly running into the drain. It was dark at six in the evening and the streets were deserted. The houses were well lit; the streetlights were on as well. That was the time when a pregnant woman slowly walked into the huge compound. The rain kept anyone from listening to the iron gates open. She walked into the verandah and collapsed there. The rainwaters gushing in from the outside must have woken her up after a while. She stood up slowly and went to the front door. She knocked on the door several times, but not a soul came to the door. The front door was huge with large glass windowpanes on its sides. The woman peeped through the window and she could not take her eyes off. It was a huge house with several rooms and tall ceilings. There were no children in sight; however, there were of men playing cards and talking continually at a huge table located in the middle of the living room.