Development Of Elementary Education (Assam-Barak Valley)

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by Dr. Md. Aynul Hoque, ISBN Number : 978-1-73027-380-3

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Dr. Md. Aynul Hoque

Dr. Md. Aynul Hoque, a Teacher Educator has started his professional career as a Lecturer in
Patharkandi College of Education (Assam) in 2003 and thereafter, he has explored extensively to many
Teacher Education Institutions of North Eastern Region and rendered his service as a Teacher Educator
which includes- The Department of Education, Assam (Central) University, Silchar as Guest Faculty;
The Faculty of Education, The ICFAI University, Tripura as an Assistant Professor; The NERIENCERT,
Shillong as an Assistant Professor (Contractual). Presently, Dr. Hoque is working with
Patharkandi College of Education (Assam) as a Lecturer in Education and Head, Department of
Dr. Md. Aynul Hoque, obtained Master Degree in History and Education, B.Ed.; M.Ed. and Ph.D. in
Education from Assam (Central) University, Silchar and also qualified UGC-NET in Education in
Dec. 2009.
Dr. Hoque has to his credit more than 15 Research Articles published in various International and
National Journals, and has contributed 3 chapters in edited books. He has attended about 30
International, National, Regional level Seminars, Workshops, Conferences, Orientation Programs etc.
specifically focused on Teacher Education. His area of interests includes- Teacher Education, History
of Education, Elementary Education, Sociology of Education, Research Methodology, Teaching of
Social Science, Educational Policy Perspectives.

India as a civilization is very old and one among the earliest civilizations along with
China, Mesopotamia and Greece. As a result, it inherits well evolved Philosophical
Traditions, Cultural Patterns, Artifacts, Arts and Architecture and even an economy and
an elaborate medical system. This civilization had the fortune of having come into contact
with other civilizations through interaction with whom it was further enriched. Thus, the
ancient India was predominantly Hindu, emergence of Buddhism and Jainism, though
essentially Vedic like the Hinduism, created another stream of thought and even social
and economic organizations and then the coming of the Muslims and their settlement here
brought in yet another stream of thought, culture and socio-economic organizations. It is
interesting to note that though all these streams got synthesized and as Jawaharlal Nehru
said, “Synthesis is our tradition”, yet the different cultural patterns have also survived and
have been practiced in harmony for millennia.

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