Dictionary Of Life Sciences

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by Dr. K. Ashokkumar(Author),Dr.K.M. Saradhadevi(Author),Dr. M. Karthik(Author),Dr. N. Arunkumar(Author)

ISBN Number :978 – 1- 73040 – 765 – 9

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Dr. K. Ashokkumar

Dr. K. Ashokkumar is presently working as Assistant Professor (Plant Breeding/Biotechnology) from PRIST University

Dr.K.M. Saradhadevi

of Biochemistry, Bharathiar University, Coimbatore-46,

Dr. M. Karthik

Dr. M. Karthik, completed his graduation and post graduation in Department of Agricultural Microbiology from Tamil Nadu Agricultural University

Dr. N. Arunkumar

Dr. N. Arunkumar, completed his graduation from Agricultural College and Research Institute, Madurai,

ABC transporter A membrane transport protein having the ABC molecular domain, named after ATP–binding cassette, characteristic of all members of a large superfamily of membrane transport proteins Abetalipoproteinemia Abetalipoproteinaemia an autosomal recessive disorder in which plasma lipoproteins lack apolipoprotein Abiotic stress The effect of non–living factors which can harm living organisms. These non–living factors include drought, extreme temperatures, pollutants, etc. Abortive infection Viral infection in which viruses enter a cell but are unable to express all of their genes to make infectious progeny Abscisic acid A plant growth regulator involved in abscission, dormancy, stomatal opening/closure, and inhibition of seed germination. It also affects the regulation of somatic cell embryogenesis in some plant species Abscission Shedding of leaves, flowers and fruits is called abscission Absolute configuration The actual three–dimensional arrangement of the atoms in a chiral molecule Absorbance A dimensionless number that indicates how well a solution of a substance absorbs light of a given wavelength ACC synthase An enzyme involved in the production of ethylene in plants, and one of the targets of delayed fruit ripening technology