Digital Principles And System Design

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by K. Sivasankari(Author)

ISBN Number : 9781631029486

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K. Sivasankari

K. Sivasankari is the Associate Professor and Head in the Department of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Akshaya College of Engineering and Technology, Coimbatore. She obtained her B.E. degree in Electronics and Communication Engineering from Kumaraguru college of Technology, Coimbatore. M.E. degree in Applied Electronics from Government College of Technology and Ph.D in the area of Biomedical Signal Processing from Anna University, Chennai. She has more than a decade of teaching experience and experience in industry. Her areas of interest include Electronic devices, Circuit Theory, Digital Signal Processing, Biomedical Instrumentation, Electronic Circuits, Digital Signal Processing and Artificial Intelligence. She has also published several papers at National and International levels. She is a life member of ISTE and various other professional bodies.

This textbook Digital Principles and System Design has been written to meet the requirements of students of Engineering Colleges and Polytechnics. This Book is aimed to provide the Students a Comprehensive Knowledge of Boolean Algebra And Logic Gates, Combinational Logic, Synchronous Sequential Circuits, Asynchronous Sequential Logic Circuits, Memory And Programmable Logic. The materials of the reference books have noteworthy influence on this book. The author is thankful to her colleagues and students for their assistance in the preparation of this book. Finally, the author wishes to express her gratitude to M/s. Sara Publications for bringing out this book within a short span of time.