Enterpreneurship Development

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by Dr. S. Sekar(Author),M. Sundararaju(Author)

ISBN Number : 978 – 1- 73034 – 330 – 8

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Dr. S. Sekar

Dr.S.SEKAR author of entrepreneurship development.He works as an ASSISTANT PROFESSOR in GOVERNMENT ARTS COLLEGE DHARMAPURI.

M. Sundararaju

He pursuing phD in management in the deportment of business administration ,in govt arts college DHARMAPURI

1.1 Introduction Competency is a characteristic of an individual, which outcomes in effective and or superior performance in a job. It is a mixture of knowledge, skills and suitable motives or traits that an individual must keep to performing a given task Meaning of Entrepreneurial Competence It is defined as characteristics such as general and special knowledge, motives, traits, selfimage, social roles and skills which result in the birth of a venture, its survival or development. In short, the competencies essential by an entrepreneur for opening a business venture and carrying it on successfully are known as entrepreneurial competencies.