Frontiers Of Knowledge

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by Dr. Amit Sharma(Author),Prof. Vikrant Rehani(Author)

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Dr. Amit Sharma

Ph. D (English), MA, M.Phil, Diploma in Communicative & Functional English A.P in English

Prof. Vikrant Rehani

Ph. D(English)*, MA, M.Phil A.P in English CTIHS, Jalandhar (Punjab)

Henrik Ibsen is generally referred to as the father of modern realistic drama. For layman realism means reality, infact, truth; in other words anything, which is opposed to imagination and romance. But in literature, it is vast term, which includes the naturalism also though it is bit different from the realism. It is primarily used to describe a literary movement of the 19th century especially in the prose fiction, which began with Balzac in France, George Eliot in England. Secondly it′s used to designate a method of representing a life in literature. A realist takes life as it is without adding any ornamental refinery to it. He presents an accurate imitation of life without allowing his imagination to interfere in his realistic world. In other words, there is no scope for the flights of fancy in realistic fiction .The realistic fiction tells about the kings, charming princesses, as is the case of romantic fiction. . Rather it presents life as one would desire to be, more romantic and adventurous than actual. Realistic literature must aim at depicting truth .In this context George lukacs says: The literature of realism, aiming at a truthful reflection of reality must demonstrate both the concrete and the abstract potentialities of human beings in extreme situations of this kind .A character′s potentiality once revealed, his abstract potentialities will appear especially inauthentic .abstract potentiality belongs wholly to the realm of subjectivity whereas concrete potentiality is concerned with the dialectic between the individuals subjectivity and objective reality. [George p 23] As pointed by lukacs, the realist tries his best that his writing may give the illusion that it reflects life as it appears to an ordinary reader. Usually people confuse realism for naturalism .One must keep in mind that these are two different terms with two different meanings. Naturalism is more accurate picture of life than realism. Naturalists try to present their subjects with an objective scientific attitude. A realist gives us the illusion of reality while a naturalist gives us a stark reality. In early 19th century the effort was made to bring facts and realities in the play. It was Ibsen who brought European Drama back to the seriousness of purpose and commitment, which it had lost at the hands of his predecessors and contemporaries. Ibsen′s greatest contribution is that he exhibited a sense of devoted seriousness and a sense of calling in his art. His achievement is all the more significant when viewed on the background of his native country′s art. Norway has been in the cultural backwaters of European drama and its relative isolation from the European tradition did not offer any incentive or inspiration to Ibsen.