Gingival Retraction in Dentistry

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by Dr. Rajat R Khajuria,Dr. Rishav Singh,Dr. Nausheen Hajira

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Dr. Rajat R Khajuria

Ex-Registrar, Prosthodontics including Crown and Bridge,
Indira Gandhi Govt. Dental College, Jammu

Dr. Rishav Singh

Tutor, Pediatric and Preventive Dentistry, Dental Institute, Rajendra Institute of Medical
sciences, Ranchi, Jharkhand.

Dr. Nausheen Hajira

Prosthodontics including Crown and Bridge, Alnarjis Alwardi Poly-Clinic,
Najran, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

The main goal of modern dentistry is to restore patient to normal function, comfort,
aesthetics, and speech and of course health without negotiating any loss to the tissues may
be hard or soft which are already in a state of physiologic health. The ability to achieve the
goal irrespective of the disease, etiology and severity has lead dentistry to a unique and
individualized speciality.
Fixed prosthodontic treatment involves the replacement and restoration of teeth by
artificial substitutes that are not readily removable from the mouth. Its focus is to restore
function, esthetics and comfort. Successfully treating a patient by means of fixed
prosthodontics require a thoughtful combination of many aspects of dental treatment:
patient education and the prevention of further dental disease, sound diagnosis,
periodontal therapy, operative skills, occlusal considerations, and sometimes, placement
of removable complete or partial prosthesis and endodontic treatment.

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