Grammar And Its Usage

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by Mrs. K. Prabha(Author)

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Mrs. K. Prabha

Mrs. K. Prabha is qualified with M.A., M.Phil., MBA., PGDCA and pursuing her Ph.D. in English Literature. Currently serving as Assistant Professor of English at Kongu Arts and Science College (Autonomous), Nanjanapuram, Erode, Tamil Nadu. So far she has gained 7 Years of teaching experience and have produced 2 M.Phil Scholars and 5 more registered recently. By this time she has presented and published 37 research papers/ articles in National and International level Seminar/Workshops/Conference etc. and she has published 11 research papers/articles in International and National Journals.

Sentence A sentence is a group of words which makes complete sense. e.g. Birds fly in the air, There are four different kinds of sentences. They are: Assertive sentences Imperative sentences Interrogative sentences and Exclamatory sentences. An Assertive Sentence asserts or states or declares something. e.g. Gold is a precious metal. An Imperative Sentence expresses a command, a request or a wish. e.g. Open the door. Throw the ball, please. An Interrogative sentence asks a question, It ends with a question mark (?) e.g. What is your name? An Exclamatory sentence expresses a sudden and strong feeling. It ends with an exclamation mark (!) e.g. How well Ashok Plays ! Phrase A phrase is a group of words that makes some sense but not complete sense. It has no subject or predicate. It is a part of sentence. In the following sentence the group of words in italics is a phrase. We pray for your success. Clause A clause is a group of words which forms part of a sentence and has a subject and a predicate of its own. In the following sentence the group of words in italics is a clause. God helps those who help themselves. Parts of Speech Sentences, clauses and phrases are made of words. Words are divided into different kinds or classes called parts of speech, according to the work they do in a sentence.