Groundwater Asswssment And Modelling

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by Mr. C. P. Kumar : ISBN Number : 978-16-310215-8-9
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Mr. C. P. Kumar

Mr. C. P. Kumar post-graduated in Hydraulic Engineering from University of Roorkee in 1985. From 1985, he has been working as a Scientist for National Institute of Hydrology (NIH), Roorkee – 247667 (Uttarakhand), India. His major research areas of interest include assessment of groundwater potential; seawater intrusion in coastal aquifers; numerical modelling of unsaturated flow, groundwater flow and contaminant transport; management of aquifer recharge; and impact of climate change on groundwater. He has authored more than 100 technical papers and reports. You may visit his website at

Groundwater development has shown phenomenal progress in our country during past few decades. There has been a vast improvement in the perception, outlook and significance of groundwater resource. Groundwater is a dynamic system. It is dynamic in the sense that the state of any hydrological system is changing with time, and in the sense that we are continually developing new scientific techniques to evaluate these systems.