Hand Book Of Pharmaceutical Microbiology

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by Dr. Muvvala Sudhakar(Author),Dr. Rahamat Unissa(Author)

ISBN Number : 978 – 1- 73033- 943 – 1

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Dr. Muvvala Sudhakar

M. Pharm, Ph.D., Principal & professor , Malla Reddy college of pharmacy, Secunderabad

Dr. Rahamat Unissa

M. Pharm, Ph.D., Associate professor, Secunderabad

Microbiology is the study of living organisms of microscopic dimensions that includes bacteria, fungi, algae, protozoa and viruses. It includes study of morphological, physiological, cultural, biochemical, genetic, ecological characteristics of the microorganisms. It is also concerned with the study of their shape, size, structure, function, arrangement, reproduction, presence of development forms, extra capsular structures etc. It includes the study of their distribution in nature, classification, their relationship with each other and with other living organisms and their effects on human beings, plants and animals, their ability to make physical and chemical changes in our environment, their reactions to physical and chemical agents etc.