Health Education To Neo-Literates

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by Dr. Ehtesham Anwar(Author)

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Dr. Ehtesham Anwar

Dr. Ehtesham Anwar has obtained his higher education from Aligarh Muslim University, Aligarh. He did Ph.D in Education under able guidance of Professor Dr. Nasreen, Department of Education, AMU, Aligarh. He has developed a curriculum on health education for neo-literate women to create awareness among them regarding the attitude, habits and practices of maintaining health as well as to instill the fact in their minds that achieving good and sound health is not expensive, rather it depends on the nutritional values of common and simple food elements easily and economically available to mankind and good food habits. Dr. Ehtesham Anwar has served Integral University, Lucknow on various teaching posts for about nine years to the best of his capacity. He has guided several students for pursuing their M.Ed dissertations as well as researches in Education. Dr. Ehtesham has read papers in various national and international seminars/conferences and published research papers in various referred and peer reviewed journals of national and international repute. He is presently working as principal of Bibi Aasia Begum Teachers’ Training College, Phulwarisharif, Patna.

�Education is that process of development which consists the passage of human being from infancy to maturity, the process whereby he adapts himself gradually in various ways to his physical and spiritual environment� T. Raymont Education sharpens the eye of knowledge, develops awareness and makes mind logical. Without proper education, the scope and extent of the process of socioeconomic changes can not be understood by a common man and he can not take part in the process of development. To be educated is not to be informed but to find illumination in informed living. Periods of intellectual awakening are correctly named �enlightenment� for it is then that lovers of wisdom focus the light of learning upon experience and thereby discover new meanings for living. The increased inventiveness will be required to discover the kind of education which will most effectively meet the needs of varying capacities. Our world is dynamic precisely because of this faith in man’s capacity to direct his destiny. And, we still believe with Bacon that the power which gives man this assurance within the order of nature is his capacity for knowledge. Adult education presumes, to serve as one of the means by which the m i n d m a y b e k e p t f r e s h f o r t h e assimilation of that knowledge which is synonymous with power. All education worthy of the name aspires to become art rather than skill, and adult education is devoted to the task of training individuals in �the art of transmuting experience into influence�.