How I Survive! Vizmom

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by Vidhu Bhatnagar(Author)

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Vidhu Bhatnagar


I′m writing this mostly for working mothers who are lost in the deep sea of stress and wondering how to surface (believe me, I was also a lost fish till few years ago but now slowly and steadily I′ve learnt to swim) but anyone and everyone is welcome to read and share their views or comments. I don′t know where to start from but I guess, I should take one step at one time and so I will start from the first lesson which I learnt. �Be Positive, think positive and speak positive�. It actually works! I want to narrate a small story about myself to enforce this lesson: I was working as Anesthesiologist in a small hospital. It was a single specialist centre and so I was on duty 24*7. I had joined that hospital along with my 10 month old son and my husband was pursuing his specialization in another hospital some 200 kms away. I was managing my little one with help of a household help. I desperately wanted to join somewhere in the same city as my husband and as luck would have it I got the offer to join a Big Hospital, multispeciality in that same city. By this time my son had grown up to be 1 and half years. All of you reading this would say what is the Catch�.good for you that you got a offer and you went ahead and joined and lived happily ever after�.well that′s not the case. The catch is �� I was apprehensive in joining that multispecialty hospital, because bigger hospital meant more responsibility, long working hours (especially because I was junior specialist) that I kept fretting and fuming about it. One part of me wanted to join that hospital fast but my anxieties and apprehensions would every time create a web of worries around me. No doubt, Universe was trying to help me because I desperately wanted to be with my husband but my own negative thoughts (Oh! how would I manage?) were working against my wish and I was not getting relieved from this small hospital (They were not ready to let me go till the time they found another suitable Anesthesiologist). My worries, anxieties, apprehensions had bound me in a vicious circle and I would worry about �When will I be relieved?� and on the hand about �How will I manage in the new place?� I was also doing my homework regarding some new Anesthesiologist who could come and join in my place, even if temporarily till the time someone suitable was shortlisted. This went on till around 2 and half months and I had exhausted all my options and had no other choice than to wait and wait. Then, one fine day I decided enough was enough�.and I would not think about any problems anymore and would try and live in the present and enjoy my kids′ childhood and I just left everything on God and asked Him to help me.