Human Resource Information System In Indian Software Companies

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by Nishad Nawaz

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Nishad Nawaz
Dr Nishad Nawaz is an Assistant Professor in College of Business Administration, Kingdom University,
Kingdom of Bahrain. He has conducted conferences, seminars and executive programs in the India. He
received PhD from Sri Krishnadevaraya University at Anatapur and MPhil from Annamalai University at
Chidambaram. He has published a great number of research papers in international journals. His research
interest includes human resources management, talent management, knowledge management, HRIS, MIS
and ERP and he is a member in various Professional Associations

Human resource management has attained a wider dimension and immense importance
in recent years and is universally recognized as the heart of the management process. It
views people as an important resource or asset to be used for the benefit of the
organizations, employers and the society at large. The overall performance of an
organization irrespective of its nature and type depends solely on the quality of human
resource it possesses. In generic term, Human resources are defined as total knowledge,
skill, creative abilities, talents and aptitude of an organization’s workforce as well as the
values, attitudes, approaches and beliefs of the individuals involved in the affairs of the
organization. It is the sum total or the aggregate of inherent abilities, acquired knowledge
and skills, represented by the talents and the aptitudes of the employed persons in an
organization. Human resource is so sensitive among all the factors of production,
operations that their performance and behavior will determine and ensure the growth and
fortune of the organization.

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