I For Ipr – A Strategic Marketing Mantra

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by Suvrashis Sarkar(Author),Dr. Stephen D’Silva(Author)

ISBN Number : 978- 1-73033- 943-1

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Suvrashis Sarkar

Marketing professional and Research Scholar of the University of Mumbai at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies.

Dr. Stephen D’Silva

Senior Professor of Marketing at Jamnalal Bajaj Institute of Management Studies, Department of Management studies of the University of Mumbaid.

Intellectual Property Right is often considered as a legal entity where it is managed and taken care by a team of legal counsels who come into function every time the brand or products of the business is being infringed and the reputation gets compromised. This book shows how and why IPR is much more beyond a legal entity and is a crucial part of strategic marketing function where it can become a cultural adoption in the management of business to protect its various intellectual properties associated with the brand, its products or services, etc. and utilize it to create a leadership position in the market. IPR exists in every innovation, but if it gets infringed, it can result into infinite business loss for the original creator considering the loss of revenue and human intellect. Hence, it is important for businesses to know and understand the value of the intellectual properties, manage them appropriately and protect them adequately to safeguard their investments and efforts and also to reap the deserved benefits themselves for their own work. This books is an attempt to create the culture of managing IPR as a part of strategic marketing to create competitive advantage for businesses. Be it an individual organization, an industry or even as a nation, IPR as a strategic marketing tool has the potential to create the future where brand, technology, service, people everything can together become a force for development and leadership. Each chapter of this book is research based and the authors have postulated their model to show how IPR is the next level of strategic marketing approach for attaining competitive advantage in business. I for Innovation used to be a thought since few decades but realizing the fact that innovation would be zero without its due consideration and protection as an IPR, hence I for IPR will be the new buzz-word now as a strategic marketing mantra for businesses. This book “I for IPR – A Strategic Marketing Mantra” is a valuable source of knowledge in theory and practice for business management students, business professionals, management leaders, marketing heads, brand custodians, academicians in the field of business management. We suggest our readers to also read our other title “Case Studies on IPR Management – An Indian Perspective” as a case study supplement to this book for better understanding of the subject matter.