Impact Of Social Media On The Arab Spring

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by Dr. P.V. Satya Prasad(Author)

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Dr. P.V. Satya Prasad

Dr. PV Satya Prasad is a senior academic and erudite journalist with over two decades of overall experience including 7+ years of exposure as HOD and Senior Lecturer. Dr. Satya Prasad, holds a Ph.D in Mass Communications and works for the Ministry of Higher Education, Sultanate of Oman. Dr. Satya Prasad is well versed in teaching and research. Academics apart, Dr. Satya Prasad, has had significant exposure to the field of Print Media having worked with reputed English daily newspapers both in India as well as in the Sultanate of Oman and The Kingdom of Bahrain, in a career spanning over 14 years. He is a conceptualist with knack for fresh approaches while understanding critical communication drivers and trends.

Thisbook examines how the efforts of ordinary people in the Arab “street” to move away withcompliance and toleration from authoritarian regimes, also allowed them, once the opportunity arose,to invest in and use social media to change politics “from below”. This is not to argue that the socialmedia were “responsible” for the uprisings. The uprisings were made by the people of the Arabcountries, but the social media acted as a powerful accelerant facilitating the events in ways that werecrucial. In particular, and with emphasis on Egypt, I examined: