Information Processing Approach

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by Dr. B. Saminathan(Author)

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Dr. B. Saminathan

Assistant Professor, Department of Education, Bharathidasan University, Trichy-24. Tamil nadu – 620024.

Conception of Information Processing Information Processing refers to the ways people handle stimuli from the environment organize data, sense problems and employ verbal and non–verbal symbols (Bruce Joyce and Marsh Wail). Assuming a model of information processing in which successive stages of processing are organized in particular way (Paul Barber & Mathew). Psychologists, identify this approach to use the computer as a model of human thought. Like computer, the human mind is limited in the amount and nature of information; it can process over a span of time. According to the psychologists the child becomes a more sophisticated thinker through the changes in hardware (the brain and sensory system) and software (strategies and rules that the child has learned) that occur during the development. By applying suitable software (strategies and rules) we can make positive changes in hardware (brain & sensory system) and attain maximum outcome (performance of the child).