Introduction To Business Mathematics: Theory And Concepts

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by Fuseini Mahama(Author)

ISBN Number : 978- 1-63040- 815-02

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Fuseini Mahama

Lecturer Bolgatanga Polytechnic P.O. Box 767 Bolga, Ghana

This book explains some fundamental business mathematical concepts and the application of some of the heavily used techniques in business, banking, marketing and other financial services. Students and practitioners in positions of decision making will find this book very useful. Students studying at Diploma, Higher National Diploma and Undergraduate levels will find in–depth application of mathematical concepts in business that will deepen their understanding of mathematical techniques to problem solving. The business application illustrations used in this book reinforce the explanations of each technique and clear the minds of those who perceived mathematics as being abstract. Although comprehensive, this book is written in a style that you want to continue to read and it is hope that it will serve as a useful companion to students and practitioners alike.