Management In Vuca World

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by Dr. CHANDRAKANTA SAHOO(Author),Dr. R. Varadarajan(Author),Dr. K. THULASI KRISHNA(Author)

ISBN Number : 978 – 1- 73042 – 705 – 3

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Dr. Chandrakanta Sahoo (born in 1976…..) is working as a faculty member in the Dept of Management Studies in Madanapalle Institute of Technology and science

Dr. R. Varadarajan

Dr. R. Varadarajan, an MBA from George Washington University, USA is an Associate Professor, in the Department of Management Studies in Madanapalle Institute of Technology and Science


Dr. K. Thulasi Krishna is a Post-graduate in Commerce and as well as in Business Administration

Abstract Business is an organ of society. What responsibilities the business should have a corporate citizen towards the society? What should be the very purpose of business? Is profit the business objective and nothing else? The present paper addresses a series of related questions through the lens of management as a liberal art, utilizing the writings of the father of modern management Peter F Drucker. A related question is just how the trend towards the corporate social responsibility fits into the Value Based Model (VBM)? Are they at odd with anyone another or are they perhaps interrelated? This is a very pertinent question that the researcher first makes an attempt to explore VBM Model, with its emphasis on the shareholders; and the CSR approach with its emphasis on multiple stakeholders. Key Words: Value Based Management, Corporate Social Responsibility, shareholder, stakeholders