Manuscript (research Article/review/ Short Communication) Writing For The First Time What To Focus And How To Write It ?

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by Lalit Rajan Samant : ISBN Number : 978-81-938141-8-5

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Lalit Rajan Samant
Lalit Samant was born on 5th march 1987. He holds post graduate
degrees in Biophysics and Bioinformatics.He is currently
working in research and diagnosis field. He has vast experience
of working in molecular biology and bioinformatics. He is
visiting faculty to several colleges in Mumbai and Gujarat. He
has teaching experience of more than 10 years for M.Sc.
Biotechnology, M.Sc. Bioanalyical Sciences etc. He has
mentored more than 10 M.Sc. students for P.G. dissertation and
guided 6 PG students for M.Sc. dissertation. He believes in luck and karma. He believes
there is no shortcut to success and to survive, one has to continuously evolve with

This book is intended to serve as an idea to start writing a manuscript.
It does not assume that the reader has any background knowledge of the
subject. The book comes with the useful links, URL etc. related to the
author’s research work. It is expected that knowledge imparted in this book
will be useful for the readers. What are the mistakes students generally
make and how to avoid them with ease. Several points related to writing
are explained in lucid language.

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