Methods Analysis Drugs Applications

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by Mr. Darshan Chaudhary(Author)

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Mr. Darshan Chaudhary

Mr. Darshan Chaudhary is M.Sc. in Inorganic Chemistry. Formerly, he was a senate Member at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad during academic year 2012-13. He is presently a Ph.D. student at Gujarat University, Ahmedabad. He has presented scientific presentations at National as well as International conferences, seminars and symposia. His research papers have been published in journals of National and International repute. He has traveled across the country for his research as well as academic purposes. He is very avid and a responsive personality towards assigned tasks. He is active participant in various camps including blood donation and activities including students welfare as a youth leader.

Mans use of drug and medicines dates back to the earliest times of civilization. Important human necessities such as the cure to a disease and precautions towards it has serendipitously took advantage of new discoveries in drug at the same time, rapid technological developments are now stimulating the chemistry and pharma industries to embrace technology, a trend strengthened by concerns regarding health, energy, raw materials, and the environment. Important advances in our understanding of the nature of drugs and their action were ma