Microcontrollers And Embedded System Design

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by Prof. Neelapala Anil Kumar : ISBN Number : 978-81-938141-6-1

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Prof. Neelapala Anil Kumar
Prof. Neelapala Anil Kumar obtained his Bachelor of
technology. in Department of ECE from JNT University,
Kukatpalli Hyderabad and ME in Electronic Instrumentation
(EI) from Andhra University, Visakhapatnam. He has 13 years
of teaching experience in reputed colleges of JNTU (k) He had
added four international text books in his account. He is a
reviewer for several international biomedical journals. He is
also an Editorial Member, Conference Outreach Committee Member, Technical committee
Member, for several international journals and conferences. Presently working for Alliance
University, Bangalore, Karnataka in the Department of ECE. His area of interest includes
Bio Medical Image Processing, Embedded Systems and medical instrumentation.

1.0 Objective
-To understand what is an Embedded System and then define it
-Look at embedded systems from a historical point of view
-Classify embedded systems
-Look at certain applications & purposes of embedded systems
-Typical embedded System with its elements.
1.1 Introduction
This chapter introduces the reader to the world of embedded Systems.
Exploration, Classification, Application, Basic block with various components in
it were discussed primarily in this Chapter.

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