Modern Teaching Methods Of Mathematics

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by Dr. Kotreshwaraswamy A. Surapuramath,(Author)

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Dr. Kotreshwaraswamy A. Surapuramath

M.Sc , M.Ed, M.Phil, Ph.D , KSET, NET, PGDHE
Assistant Professor, Department of Post Graduates Studies in Education, Vijaya
Teachers College, Bangalore, Karnataka –

Modern Teaching Methods of Mathematics


Unit-01:- Nature and Scope of Mathematics                                      05

Nature of mathematics – Meaning and characteristics; content categories in
mathematics –Facts, concepts and generalization; history of mathematics –Need for
Knowledge of History of Mathematics for Teachers –Contributions of Mathematicians
–Arybhatta, Brahama Gupta, Bhaskarchary-II , S. Ramanujan, Euclid, Thales,
Pythagoras, Euler, Conter, Gauss; Scope of Mathematics- Relation with other Science
and its uses in day to day life.
Unit02:- Objectives of teaching Mathematics at Secondary School Level                                                                                                                    51

Educational Objectives of Teaching Mathematics; Aims of Teaching
Mathematics – Disciplinary, Utilitarian, Cultural and Recreational; Objectives of
teaching Mathematics as envisaged by National Policy of Education (1986), New
Curriculum Document (2000); Objectives of Teaching – Arithmetics , Algebra,
Geometry; Instructional Objectives of Teaching Mathematics according to Bloom’s
Taxonomy; List of Instructional Objectives in Behavioural Tearms.
Unit 03:- Approaches and Methods of Teaching Mathematics        73
Induction and deduction as methods of reasoning: Mathematical Induction-
Inductive and deductive methods- their steps, merits and demerits – Inducto- Deducto
method; Guided discovery approach – principles- concept Attainment Model- Syntax –
Format; Analytic and synthetic – Merits and Demerits; preparation of Programmed
Learning Materials (Mathetics Programme); Project Method- principles- Steps- Merits
and Demerits; Teachniques of teaching Mathematics; Problem solving – steps- Oral and
written work – Drill work – its principles.
Unit 04:- Instructional Design for Teaching Mathematics:            145
Meaning of Instruction; Meaning of Instructional Design ; Basic Teaching
Model (Glaser); Steps of Instructional Design- Strategies and methods –a) planning b)
Sequencing the instructional process c) Integration of methods and media; levels of
Instructional Designing – a) Event level of designing b) Lesson level of designing c) Unit
level of designing.
Unit 05:- Developing Lesson Plans for Teaching Mathematics       157
Unit Analysis, Content Analysis and task Analysis ; planning daily lesson plans
based on evaluation approach- steps – forma; planning Unit plan based on evaluation
approach – steps – format; Advantages of unit planning and individual lesson planning
and their differences.

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