Modernization In Society Upcoming Trends

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by Dr Ambalika Sinha(Author),Dr. Ravindra Tripathi(Author)

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Dr Ambalika Sinha

Dr Ambalika Sinha,Associate Professor & Head,Department Of Humanities and Social Sciences,Motilal Nrhru National Institute of Technology,Allahabad

Dr. Ravindra Tripathi

Dr. Ravindra Tripathi is the Assistant Professor in the Department of Humanities and Social sciences, MNNIT Allahabad. He acquired B.Com, M.Com and D.Phil (Finance) Degree from University of Allahabad and stood first in order of merit in M.Com Previous and Final examination.

INTRODUCTION Use of refined Information technology in banking sector is all about to enable banks to cope up with the emerging technology and offer better services to its ultimate prospects in market in a very protected, reliable and affable manner and sustain competitive advantage over other banks. Banks are no longer restricted themselves to traditional banking activities, but walk around newer avenues to enhance business and capture maximum Study to Analyse the Impact of Information Technology on Indian Banking Sector CHAPTER : I Assistant Professor (GLA University), Mathura Contact Detail: +91-8899908887 Ritesh Sharma Assistant Professor (GLA University), Mathura +91-7534976580 MMuukkeesshh SSiinngghh 11 market share with the help of new technology. The significance of technology is greatly felt in the financial sector in view of the competitive advantage for banks resulting in the efficient customer service. In the development of Indian Economy, Banking sector plays a very important and crucial role. With the use of technology there had been an increase in penetration, productivity and efficiency. It has not only increased the cost effectiveness but also has helped in making small value transactions viable. It also enhances choices, creates new markets, and improves productivity and efficiency. Banking sector always stand at the forefront of the economy and innovation has paramount concern to the application of modern technical devices. Electronic delivery channels, ATMs, variety of cards, web based banking, and mobile banking are the names of few outcomes of the process of automation and computerization in Indian banking sector.