Moving Ahead To Success

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by Dr Deepika Nelson(Author)

ISBN Number : 978 – 1- 73036 – 646 – 8

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Dr Deepika Nelson

Ph.D. Associate Professor

A literate person ,a school drop– out, a college student, a teenager, an elderly lady, a person in love, a teacher, a student, a shopkeeper, a customer, a little child, a young adult, friend, foe, relative, stranger, leader , so–called common manâ€� If you belong to one of the categories of human beings, this book is for you. Yes you are right, do you belong to any of the categories .You are also one of the above listed persons. You also belong to the category of â€�allâ€� .You are one among every one. That is why this book is also for you. The desire to learn essential skills for success has directed you here.