Nature Of Nursing Care Services In The Family

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by E. E. Enwereji (Author)

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E. E. Enwereji

Psychology lecturer, Faculty of Social Sciences Department of Psychology, Great Zimbabwe University, Masvingo, Zimbabwe, P.O Box 1235

There is no record of nursing care during the ancient times. Nursing was only known through myths, songs and also from the findings of archaeologist. Prehistoric man′s interest was in the mysteries of life, birth, disease and death. Prehistoric man lived close to nature and worshiped things like sun, moon, river, mountain and others. He was friendly with nature and made peace with the unfriendly (animism). He believed that diseases were caused by evil spirits and that to get rid of the evil spirits the body will be punished by fasting and beating. To cast out the evil spirit, the prehistoric man gave nauseating medicines, made loud noises and beat the physical body. During the primitive period, massaging, fermentation, bone setting, amputation, hot and cold baths, abdominal operations and application of heat to control hemorrhage were practiced. Knowledge as the art of cå, comforting, nourishing and cleansing was passed down from generation to generation.