Nirvana – The Ultimate Destination

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by Mr. C. P. Kumar  : ISBN Number : 978-16-310215-8-9
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Mayur Wadhvaniya

Mayur Wadhvaniya has done his Ph.D research under the title ‘Hinduism and Indianness in selected fiction of Raja Rao’. He has published many research papers in International Journals. He is also Author of two books. He is University first from Saurashtra University in English Literature during his PG studies. He is a recipient of Maulana Azad National Fellowship (UGC) for his M.Phil Research.umar/

The eternal establishment of the whole of human life is its philosophy. It provides a life, the correct way of solving human problems that excite mens minds. Philosophy is infused with the utmost faith in the human intellect, in the power of knowledge, in mans ability to understand all the secrets of the world around him, and to create an order of justice based on reason and love.