Occupational Stress Of Higher Secondary Teachers

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by Dr. S. S. Jeyaraj

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Dr. S. S. Jeyaraj
I am Dr.S.S.Jeyaraj an Indian and residing at Madurai District in the State of
Tamilnadu, India and currently have been working as a lecturer in
Accounting & Finance in Sino-British College (which is a partnership
program with Staffordshire University, UK), Guangxi University for
Nationalities, Nanning, P.R.China since 2014. Dr.S.S.Jeyaraj is teaching
Advanced Financial Accounting (International Accounting Standards) and
Financial Reporting and Audit for level 5 and level 6 students. He was
working as a lecturer in the area of Accounting, Business Studies and
Economics in a Junior College at Jakarta, Indonesia from 2009-2014. He has received three times
“Best Excellency Award” for performing in an academic teaching area when he was working as
Head of Department cum Lecturer in PVP group of Educational Institutions, India. Dr.S.S.Jeyaraj is
very interested to write and publish Research Articles, Case Studies, and Chapter Scheme in the area
of Accounting, Business, Management and Economics. In this way he has published more than 15
articles in International Journals in INDIA, USA and UK. Now, he is interested to publish one
textbook which is related with his research topic named as “Occupational Stress of Higher
Secondary Teachers and their Level of Stress”. Jeyaraj has married and lives in Madurai in the state
of Tamilnadu, India with Kavitha his partner and two delightful small children like Ajay Prasanna
and Abinesh Prasanna.

Work is a common term which is applied for all sorts of occupation. It is a basic condition
for most people and is an important component of the atmosphere for human survival. It is
also a major element for the development of the individual as well as the economy of the
nation. Many adults spend half of their lives in work related activities. It is natural to
experience work related stress on tension or strain in the body or the mind if there is no
release or outlet for the bent-up feelings. A phrase ‘stress collapses everything’ has a
prominent place in the minds of millions. It is a silent killer in the modern age.
The word ‘stress’ is dened by the Oxford Dictionary as “a state (situation or position) of
affairs involving demand on physical or mental energy”. In medical parlance (manner of
speaking) ‘stress’ is dened as a perturbation of the body’s homeostasis. Extreme
(Severe) stress conditions are detrimental (disadvantages) to human health. But in
moderation stress is normal and in many cases, proves useful.

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