Radio And Agriculture Development

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by Dr. Tahmeena Nigar Sultana

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Dr.Tahmeena Nigar Sultana
Dr.Tahmeena Nigar Sultana presently working as UGC-Post Doctoral
Fellow, Department of Journalism and Mass Communication,
Akkamahadevi Women’s University, Vijayapura, Entitled “Coverage of
Socio-Economic and Political Issues Related to Muslims-A
Comparative study of Kannada and Urdu Dailies” under the guidance of
Prof. Onkargouda Kakade. She is first Journalism and Mass Communication,
Post Doctoral Fellow in Karnataka state. She has to her credit 26 Research
papers published in reputed International/National Journals and

1.1 Introduction

Agriculture is an important sector of the Indian economy, accounting for 14 percent of the
nation’s GDP, about 11 percent of its exports, more than 60 percent of the population still
relies on agriculture as its principal source of income and it is also a source of raw material
for a large number of industries. With about 2.5% of global land resources, 4% of water
resources and 17% of global population living in India, achieving food security by
increasing agricultural production has to be at the core of India’s agricultural
development strategy.

1.2 Agriculture in India:

Since ages agriculture has been the life of the Indian people, meeting the main basic needs
of food, clothing and shelter. India has a golden history of ancient agriculture and as the
credit of having contributed ancient agriculture practices to other parts of the world over
the years.

1.2.1 Indian agriculture at the crossroads

The share of agriculture to India’s GDP was 46.3% in 1950, and it declined to 16% in
2008. However, agriculture continues to be the principal sector, supporting the livelihood
of about 600 million rural populations. Such dependence of the largest number of people
in agriculture and its relatively low GDP are the primary causes for many of the ills
plaguing the current crisis in Indian agriculture.

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