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by Dr. Amit Sharma,Vikrant Rehani

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Dr. Amit Sharma
Ph. D (English), MA, M.Phil, Diploma in Communicative & Functional English
A.P in English

Vikrant Rehani
Ph. D(English)*, MA, M.Phil A.P in English CTIEMT, Jalandhar (Punjab)

Diaspora, nationalism, postmodernism are the current happenings all over the world in
literature and other cultural analysis. Indian writers have delineated with these themes
ardently and intelligently. One of such writers is Amitav Ghosh with his repertoire of
understanding with diaspora and nationalism which has been rolled out in the wonderful
babies of his brain. An erudite and a brilliant story teller with an exceptional ability to
write and an impeccable command over the language, he is truly considered and revered
as one of the leading stars in the constellation of modern Indian English fiction with his
wonderful gems of creation like Shadow Lines and Sea of Poppies. Diaspora and
nationalism are the concerned areas of many writers and thinkers; Ghosh being one of
them. His creations show a remarkable understanding of the working of human brain.
Nationalism is an imagined area of land as such there is no nation as the demarcated lines
of the geographical borders is a myth. Nationalism is a weird idea in the postmodern
domain of Global relationships.

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