Respiratory Diseases

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by Dr. Vikas Deep Mishra,(Author)

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Dr. Vikas Deep Mishra

Asst.Prof, Dept. Of T.B. & Chest Diseases, Heritage Institute Of Medical Sciences,
Bhadwar, Varanasi


History of tuberculosis is probably as old as mankind. There have been references to this
ancient disease in the Vedas, and it was called “rajyakshama”[meaning “wasting
disease”].Hippocrates[460-377 BC]called the disease “pthsis”,a Greek word which
meant “to consume”Tuberculosis has been reported to be one of the most important
public health problems in India. Tuberculosis is the second greatest killer due to a single
infectious agent (first being HIV/AIDS) in the world. Tuberculosis mortality has reduced
from 38 in year 1990 to 17 in 2012. In absolute numbers, mortality due to TB has reduced
from 3.3 lakhs to 2.2 lakhs annually. But, development of drug resistant bacilli, and
diseases like AIDS are adding to the existing problem.

The first line anti-tubercular drugs have been successful to treat most of the cases of
pulmonary tuberculosis effectively, but for some complications like empyema with
bronchopleural fistula, cold abcess of chest wall, aspergilloma, post tubercular
bronchiectasis and others surgery has to be considered along with proper anti-tubercular
drugs for satisfactory results. However, there is significant morbidity and mortality
associated with these major surgical procedures.The developed countries have attained a
halt on the spread of tuberculosis. But, with all efforts,the goal is still far away in most of
the developing nations.

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