Role Of Mental Toughness And Will To Win On Performance Of Athletes

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by Dr. Arvind V. Patil(Author)

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Dr. Arvind V. Patil

Assistant Professor Shri B Sham Sunder Memorial College of Physical Education, Gulbarga

Competitive sport is characterized by a spirit of dedication, sacrifice and intensity for maximum performance aiming for victory; it ought to be completed by mental toughness and will to win. Will to win can be described in sports as a force or an instinct to excel. In sports such a feeling of will power should be based on factors like pursuance of objectives, imposing upon oneself clear � cut objectives and deeds for being energetics. It must be supplemented with self–sufficiency to have creativity in the direction of set objectives. Timely decisions are needed to have the solution of problems to carry out with determination a long–term struggle for achieving the objectives. Maintaining selfcommand over feelings and activities under irritations, severe strain, fatigue or failures are the key factors for acquiring appropriate will to win is required in sports.