Scientific Articles Of Agriculture & Biotechnology

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by  Dr. Yogendra Singh : ISBN Number : 978-81-938141-9-2

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Dr. Yogendra Singh
Assistant Professor (Senior Scale) – Biotechnology
Department of Plant Breeding & Genetics
Jawaharlal Nehru Krishi Vishwa Vidyalaya, Jabalpur -482004(M.P)India

Agriculture is one of the most important occupations in India with about 70 %
population depending on this sector directly or indirectly. Noteworthy researches
in conventional breeding for several years lead our country in era of green
revolution. “Green Revolution” has been one of the greatest achievements since
the Second World War. The phenomenal increase of research based agricultural
productivity has fed millions and served as the basis of economic transformation
in many poor countries, especially on the Indian subcontinent. This “Green
Revolution” has avoided dire predictions of death and famine in world
particularly in Asia. But in present scenario agriculture land is decreasing
continually, due to vast industrialization , there is continuous degradation of soil
health by improper agriculture practices, and simultaneously there is drastic
shift in population from rural area to urban area. All this is creating problems of
hunger, malnutrition and poverty in developing countries.

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