Simple Morphology And Syntax

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by Franklin Thambi Jose. S(Author)

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Franklin Thambi Jose. S


Humans when they want to expose themselves, they use language as a tool. Whatever ideas come to their mind they convey to others through language. Since human think and react in a particular language, the use of language cannot be stopped even for a single day. Even though animals and other creatures communicate in this world, human communication is good because of the language. People who cannot speak or write use gesture language. If you want to feel and know better about a man then it is important to know about that man’s language says Victoria Franklin (1995). Furthermore says, Human has come across many developments and growth from the beginning to this modern world only because of the language. That is why we can find many terms used in a life sperm of a person. For instance: piLLai ‘child’, peN ‘girl’, kumaari ‘unmarried girl’, tirumati ‘married woman’, taay ‘mother’, paaTTi ‘grandmother’.

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